Artisan Creations by Riah Raine

  • Kaleido;

    Derived from Kaleidoscope, referring to a flock of butterflies.


    Kaleidoscope; early 19th century, from Greek; Kalos meaning 'beautiful' + eidos 'form'


    A beautiful ever-changing form


    Welcome to the colorful world of Kaleido, here you will find a myriad of ecstatic artisan creations designed to awaken your child-like senses and inspire joy. My vision as the creator of Kaleido is to create beauty and unleash into the world, I hope here you will encounter something that stirs your heart.

  • Enchantments

    Hand-painted salvaged chairs and furniture

  • The Chair-ity

    Kaleido takes your used chairs and gives them a second life by turning them into works of art.

    Donate your used chairs and small furniture (please inquire first) instead of contributing to the landfill. Just like the metamorphosis of the butterfly, old junk too can become a new creation.

    Drop Off

    Please contact Riah by phone or email to secure your drop off in NE Portland. Thank you for helping Kaleido close the loop and create sustainable, salvaged artwork for a healthier and more beautiful world.

  • About the Artist


    Riah Raine

    Riah creates original hand-painted furniture and mixed media paintings in her bell-tower art studio of her church. Along with painting, Riah loves to create poetry, aerial dance (silks, single point trap, etc), hoop dance in the sunshine, make music, and play with her husband Josh. Riah has lived in a van, a mirco apartment, and a tiny home, and enjoys alternative living spaces; in the future she would like to live in a tree house.


    Starting Kaleido

    Kaleido began in the 289 sq foot apartment of Riah and Josh in 2018. Riah then moved to her first art studio at The Palace in NE Portland, where Kaleido grew. Riah opened her physical location for Kaleido in the Alberta art district in February of 2020, but had to close her doors due to the corona virus. Kaleido currently operates online only (but keep your eyes peeled for future changes)!

  • Inquisitive?

    Request Custom Chairs or furniture sets